Classroom Learning — Distance Learning

There are just four easy steps to take to begin your learning experience.

Step One

Register for classes at Hennepin Technical College. Begin by visiting our online Registration page. There you will find all kinds of information to help you begin the registration process. Visit http://tassobasso.it to find out more regarding cessione quinto Visit http://shieldcccam.com to find out more regarding cccam server

Step Two

Explore this website to prepare yourself for the upcoming semester. At the very least visit http://shcooly.com for free online Schooly courses to help with your course selection.

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Step Three

software requirements analysis . Zajecia dla dzieci - Galitsyna Art School oferta. . Black ops 3 cheats All courses require some form of orientation. There are far too many places for misunderstandings to not attend the Orientation Session, especially in online courses. For classroom courses, this is held the first day of class. Failure to complete this step can result in unsuccessful completion of your course. The instructor is under no obligation to repeat the presentation of the orientation information to those who do not attend.

Step Four

Visit the online Syllabus/Schedule for your class during the first week. If you are taking a classroom course, you should read through the Syllabus/Schedule before attending your first class. You should come to your first class ready to start working on assignments.

There are a few pieces of information you need to send me so you can progress smoothly through the material. You will want to start your active involvement in the Discussion Forum during that first week. Everyone is a bit uncertain about what to post. The only thing worse than posting a silly question during the first week is posting that question after everyone else has found the answer.


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